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Hackers cost businesses billions of dollars a year in revenue and 90 percent of these attacks could have been prevented if they had been professionally tested for vulnerabilities.  The 2017 Equifax hack affecting 147.9 million customers cost the company over 1 Billion Dollars.  A pentest would have uncovered the vulnerabilities that existed on the website and server, saving Equifax $1 billion along with avoiding the embarrassment that comes with such a public breach.

But what about your home router?  Did you realize that you need to update your router on a regular basis?  Most people just set it up and forget about it until there is a problem.  Hackers take advantage of this by creating bots that constantly patrol the internet looking for routers that are running outdated firmware.  Once they find these outdated devices they start scanning them in order to find the easiest way possible to  take full control over them and over your private home network.  We can help you lock down your router for a relatively cheap cost.

Is there a new Business competitor in town that you would love to know more about?  Have you ever wondered about someone in your life and would have liked a little more information about them?  How about what turns up on the deep web about yourself or business?  We can check dark web databases in order to show you all of your compromised accounts associated with your email name.  (This one usually surprises people)

We are here to provide you with affordable pentests that secure your assets and leave you with peace of mind. 

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